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About us

Jb Goodwin, is a progressive and professional company specialized in Technical, Electromechanical and Civil engineering services and maintenance.At Jb Goodwin. each project is an opportunity to give creative engineering solutions and services to our clients while building quality relationships of mutual trust and respect.


JB Goodwin is dedicated to be a pioneer in a new way of conducting business, matched only by the quality of it’s service. Our mission is to be a respected organization committed to professional and ethical conduct. We desire to be known for honesty, integrity and highly trained personnel in the arena of HVAC,Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), technical and civil engineering services by providing cost-effective & innovative solutions, rendering tailored services specialised in cost savings and timeliness. We are committed to our clients, our staff and our community. We are confident to achieve our vision to be a renowned and socially responsible company that truly cares for its customers, society and environment.


Jb Goodwin strives to ensure service excellence in all of its activities. Having qualified engineers and expert technicians to execute any project with market leading service to its customers, its our passion to deliver deep commitment and constant energy towards optimized and continual customer satisfaction.To achieve the goals set in Quality Policy, we shall, Ensure that the customer is always satisfied with the services provided.Make sure customer needs are understood clearly.


Jb Goodwin. is fully committed to pursuing the highest standards of health, safety and environmental (HS&E) policy in compliance with all applicable legislation within the areas of its operation This encompasses prevention of incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses to its employees, contractors and members of the public. Jb Goodwin is equally committed to the prevention of pollution, protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources.

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Our Services

JB Goodwin is dedicated to be a pioneer in a new way of conducting business, matched only by the quality of it’s service. Our mission is to be a respected organization committed to professional and ethical conduct.

HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems

When it comes to air conditioning we are the specialists. we carry out supply installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems starting from split decorative, split ducted units, package units, chilled water systems, Direct expansion (DX system), Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units and all related controls such as variable frequency drives, VAV/VVT systems, pressure transducers, sensors, Motorized and integrated dampers.

Electrical services

High voltage and low voltage systems, lighting and power distribution, switch gears, Cable pulling and cable laying.

Plumbing services

We offer a wide range of plumbing services, from emergency plumbing to water heater installation to basic faucet repair. Our On-Time Plumbers take pride in delivering exceptional service covered by the Rescue Rooter Exceptional Service Guarantee.

Pool cleaning & maintenance

With our dedicated team, make sure that your pools and fountains perform as designed. Our service includes Weekly chemical balance, cleaning & vacuuming the pool, maintaining skimmers, sweep bags and pump baskets, etc. and equipment diagnostic and repair.

Cleaning Services

We offer residential and commercial cleaning as well as marble polishing and resotoratoin services with excellent quality, honesty and reliability.

Partition and flooring works

Bringing quality partition and flooring works to homeowners, builders and general contractors. We have instilled international-fashioned qualities into our philosophy, delivering hard work and dependable service on all of our projects. We are committed to providing quality installation at competitive prices, exceeding the expectations of our customers

Whats Client Say

“JB Goodwin does a good job of keeping the customer happy. They are always reaching out to see what our needs are and to see if we have anyone who has any issues or needs. If they need to address something, they do it quickly. It feels like more than a business relationship. These things go a long way.”

Bernice Neumann, -PMO Manager

“I would absolutely recommend JB Goodwin. The level of customer service, the constant interaction and the quick turnaround are the main reasons. The quality is absolutely there too. They have a stable of people on hand. They can provide surge support to us when we have urgent needs. “

John Dow, CEO

“They understand my business and they are part of my team. We want you at the table and we value your input on how to address the real-life issues.”

Michel, Operations Director